Training and support for remote and face-to-face education


About the programme

The EdTech Demonstrator programme launched in 2019 to offer peer-to-peer support on the effective use of technology in education. It currently focuses on helping schools and colleges to provide remote and face-to-face education.

The programme is tailored to the needs of each school or college, but will include training and support through:

  • live group webinars
  • peer-to-peer discussions
  • recorded content

One-to-one training and support is also available if requested.

Advice and training is provided on:

  • using devices, apps and platforms
  • how to make effective use of online learning platforms for remote education, and teaching in the classroom
  • using technology to maintain effective communication between teachers, pupils and parents
  • digital safety and safeguarding
  • supporting the needs of pupils with SEND
  • creating a digital strategy
  • promoting pupil and teacher wellbeing during remote teaching

You can view a list of upcoming events on the EdTech Demonstrator website.

Demonstrators are schools and colleges with significant experience and expertise in the effective use of education technology. All demonstrators have applied to be part of the programme and have undergone a rigorous selection process through the Department for Education (DfE).

Who the programme is for

Any publicly funded school or college in England can apply for support from an EdTech Demonstrator. Independent schools and training providers are not eligible for the scheme.

The programme offers support to schools and colleges who are setting up a new online learning platform.

It can also help those that would like support to develop their approach to remote learning to improve learner outcomes, engagement and wellbeing.

How to apply for free training and support

Visit the EdTech Demonstrator website to complete this form and register your interest. You’ll then be contacted to find out more about your needs.

The long-term benefits of the programme

The EdTech Demonstrator programme is funded by the DfE until the end of March 2021.

Schools and colleges will receive facilitated support from demonstrators through continuous professional development (CPD).

You can watch video testimonials from demonstrators and some of the schools and colleges they work with on the EdTech Demonstrator website.

Contact us

To apply for free training and support, visit the EdTech Demonstrator website to complete this form.

If you have a question about the EdTech Demonstrator Programme email