How to get started with your 4G wireless router

User guidance for 4G wireless routers to share with children, young people and their carers.


This is suggested guidance for end users. You can edit this and you should add contact details for a support person so the user can get help with their device. You can also add details to the safeguarding section to make it more relevant to your organisation.

In the box, you’ll find a:

  • multilingual quick start guide
  • MiFi Router
  • battery
  • micro-usb charging cable

A photo of the 4G box contents

Do not remove the SIM, the router will stop working

The router will only operate with the SIM card that is already installed. Attempting to use the SIM card with any other device will either not give a data connection or will cause the SIM card to become barred.

  1. Gently remove the back cover

    The router and the battery

  2. Take a note of the SSID and the WiFi key on the label, you’ll need this to get online

    The router front cover, the back cover showing the SSID and WiFi key labels, and the battery

  3. Insert the battery and replace the back cover

    The router front cover and the back cover with the battery inserted

  4. Turn the router on, using the button on the top-left

    The router with the power button on the side

  5. The lights will change colour while it is booting up, they’ll go from green to red and back to green – then the router is ready to use

    The router powered up, with the network and power buttons lit green

  6. On your laptop or tablet, select the Wifi network – this is the SSID you noted earlier and click Connect

  7. Tick the box that says “Connect automatically” so that your device will always connect to the router when it is turned on

    Screenshot of Microsoft Windows showing a list of Wifi networks

  8. Enter the Wifi Key you noted down earlier and click Next

    Screenshot of Microsoft Windows showing a list of Wifi networks, with the password filled in

  9. You’re now online

Charging your router

Connect the micro-USB charging cable included into the micro-USB port on the bottom of the device and connect the other end to any USB charger.

Getting support with your router

If you have any problems with your router, you should contact [insert the contact details of your support person below]:

Managing your monthly data allowance

Your 4G router has a monthly data cap. When the router runs out of data it will not connect to the internet until more data is added at the beginning of the next month.

To help prevent this, make sure your 4G router’s data connection is only used for education and for social care services.

Staying safe online

Your 4G wireless router uses a filtering system that blocks some inappropriate content and limits searching to the ‘Safe Search’ supported by popular search engines. The router is also set up to comply with privacy and human rights legislation.

If you’re blocked from viewing something you think you need for your work or wellbeing, get in touch with your school or local authority contact.

If you’re worried that your child is accessing harmful content on any device, visit this web page to see support and advice:

If a child is worried or needs support, they can call Childline (0800 1111), download their ‘For Me’ app or visit the website:

If your child has a social worker, you should contact your local authority if you have any concerns about your child’s safety or wellbeing.


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