Parents, carers, children and young people

Parents, carers, children and young people cannot apply for laptops, tablets or internet access. You should contact your school, college or further education provider for help accessing remote education.

Getting started with your Google Chromebook

User guidance for Google Chromebooks to share with children, young people and their carers.


How to turn it on

  1. Plug in your device to the mains, using the power supply and charger in the box.
  2. Press the ‘On’ button.

Connect to Wi-Fi

Your device needs to access a Wi-Fi network before you can use the internet.

Follow the instructions on the screen

Note: If you’ve been given a 4G router to access the internet, look in its box to find the name of the network and the password you’ll need. If you’re using your own Wi-Fi to access the internet, then connect using the same network and password as you would with other devices, such as a mobile phone.

You’re ready to get online

You can start using your Chromebook once you’re connected to a Wi-Fi network. For pupils, your school will let you know which resources you should use. For care leavers, and children and families with a social worker, your local authority will let you know how you can use your Chromebook to get the services you need.

Staying safe online

Your Google Chromebook should have safeguarding settings applied to keep you safe online.

This means you won’t be able to use this device to access any inappropriate content.

If you’re blocked from viewing something you think you need for your education, work or wellbeing, get in touch with your school or local authority contact.

If you’re worried that your child is accessing harmful content on any device, find out where to go to receive support and advice.

If a child is worried or needs support, they can call Childline (0800 1111) or download their ‘For Me’ app.

If your child has a social worker, you should contact your local authority if you have any concerns about your child’s safety or wellbeing.


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