Set up a Google domain for care leavers

Find out how local authorities can set up a Google domain for care leavers and children with a social worker.


Find out how to set up a domain to manage Google Chromebooks for families of pre-school aged children with a social worker and care leavers who aren’t associated with a school.

If the child or young person attends a school, you should use their Google domain if possible so that they can access their school’s services and remote education. If they don’t have a school, or if their school doesn't have a Google domain and doesn’t intend to apply for one, you should follow these instructions.

You need to:

  • Sign up for G Suite for Education
  • Verify domain ownership
  • Fast-track approval

Sign up for G Suite for Education

Video Tutorials: Domain Registration, Domain Verification

Sign up for G Suite for Education

During the sign-up process, you’ll be asked to choose your primary domain.

  • Choose a domain to which you have admin access (i.e. access to change DNS records).
  • Recommended: You can buy a domain, if you don’t already have one, during the sign-up process. If you buy a domain, you won’t need to verify it in the next step.

After completing the sign-up process, you’ll be given a 14-day trial of G Suite for Education (with a 10 user limit during the trial period).

Verify domain ownership

Verify your domain to ensure that no one else is using your domain for Google services without your permission. This requires adding either a TXT or MX verification record to your DNS records.

Fast-track approval

Email with your domain to get fast-tracked for approval (this process typically takes up to 14 days, but we can reduce to <24 hours).


Enrol Chromebooks and add Cisco Umbrella with no user logins