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Parents, carers, children and young people cannot apply for laptops, tablets or internet access. You should contact your school, college or further education provider for help accessing remote education.

Replace a faulty device

Find out how to get a replacement for a faulty laptop, tablet or 4G wireless router, the cost to replace a damaged device, how to service and repair an iPad and other warranty details.


If your laptop, Microsoft tablet or 4G wireless router develops a fault, we’ll arrange to replace it from 4 Jan 2021. Find out about iPad warranty.

Replace a faulty Google Chromebook or Microsoft device

If it is not working within 3 days of receiving it

We’ll send you a replacement device within 2 working days of returning a device.

If a device will not start, please check it’s fully charged and plugged into the mains. If you still cannot start the device, email with ‘Device won’t start’ in the subject line. Please include your order number and the device serial number so that we can help you as quickly as possible.

If a device stops working after 3 days

School, local authority and academy trust contacts can raise a support request on the Support Portal from 4 January 2021 to request a replacement for a faulty device.

Requests for replacement devices from schools will be sent to the local authority or academy trust to be approved. The reason we ask for approval is because if the device has stopped working because a user has damaged the device, your local authority or academy trust will be charged for a replacement.

Replacement devices will be provided within 2 working days (subject to your availability) of a request being approved by the local authority or academy trust.

Before placing a request for a warranty replacement, you should check the device and attempt to resolve the issue. Software problems and physically damaged devices are not covered by the warranty replacement service. Information on 'How to triage a hardware fault' is available on the Support Portal.

How to access the Support Portal

Go to the Support Portal and select '‘Raise a support request’ and select ‘Faulty device (school)’. You will need to enter the serial number for the faulty laptop or tablet. If you have any issues accessing or using the support portal, please contact us with your order tracking number.

Cost of replacement Windows device or Google Chromebook

Your faulty laptop or tablet will be replaced free of charge if the device is returned, on time, in a complete state and the fault was not caused by a user.

Local authorities or academy trusts approving schools’ requests will be charged in certain situations, as follows. These costs include courier charges but exclude VAT.

If a device is returned with a fault that’s not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty

You’ll be charged £220 for the repair. These faults are NOT covered by the warranty:

  • any software faults
  • defects caused by normal wear and tear including the fair wear of consumable parts, such as parts that require periodic replacement (e.g. batteries)
  • breaks, tears, scratches, dents, scratched or faded covers or plastics and broken ports or any other cosmetic damage
  • defective or discoloured keyboards or keycaps if the damages are caused by fluids, dirt, missing keys, broken plastic parts or improper use
  • damage caused by use with another product
  • use of the device other than for its normal intended use, including, without limitation, failure to use the device in accordance with its user's manual
  • damage caused by use of incorrect line voltages, use of incorrect fuses or improper or insufficient ventilation
  • damage caused by accident, abuse, contamination, misuse, viruses, liquid contact, fire, earthquake, improper or inadequate maintenance or calibration, negligence to the device or other external causes
  • environmental damages and/or defects resulting from smoke, dust, dirt, carbon black or other external influences
  • faults caused by a device being modified to alter functionality or capability without the written permission of the manufacturer
  • the serial number has been removed, damaged, rendered defective or made illegible
  • modification of the device including defects caused by use of parts not manufactured and/or sold by the manufacturer
  • improper installation of third-party products (e.g. memory cards)
  • displays that show breaks, scratches, dents, liquids, or any other damage
  • minor pixel defects of LCD displays
  • damages resulting from improper transportation or packing when returning the device
  • issues resulting from parts intended for one device having been installed in another device of different make or model
  • damages caused by services/repairs or other modifications to the device
  • damages caused by self-repair or by performing an exchange of Non-CRU parts defective hardware components (e.g. hard drive) that result from misuse
  • the loss of, or damage to, any program, data or removable storage media and/or any software program, whether provided with the device or installed subsequently

See the full list of warranty exclusions in the Support Portal in the ‘How to request a warranty replacement’ article, along with information on ‘How to triage hardware issues’.

If you return a device and no fault is found, or return a device that was not allocated by DfE

The approver will be charged £108 per device for handling plus:

  • £208.29 for a replacement Windows laptop device
  • £154.40 for a replacement Windows tablet device
  • £235.62 for a replacement Chromebook

If you do not include the original power charger with your returned device

The approver will be charged up to £35 per replacement.

If you do not meet the courier collecting your faulty device(s) within 30 minutes of the agreed time

The approver will be charged £81 per visit.

Apple iPad service and repair

Go to Apple service and repair to report a faulty device, find out what to do if your device does not turn on when you receive it, or is accidentally broken.

Apple iPads come with a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty that will expire within 12 months of when you received the device.


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