Resolve issues with 4G wireless routers

Find out what to do if you're having issues getting your 4G wireless router connected to the internet.


See our guidance on preparing 4G routers and getting started with your 4G wireless router for support with setting up and using routers.

Resetting your router

All 4G wireless routers come with SIM cards that provide data until 31 August 2021. To continue using routers after this date, you must reset them and replace their SIM cards.

If you have Huawei routers, you'll need to reset them before 31 August 2021. If you do not do this, you'll be unable to use another SIM card when the data runs out.

If you have TP‑Link or D‑Link routers, you can reset them and insert another SIM card at any time. If you choose to do this before 31 August 2021, your router will no longer receive data from DfE.

If a router won't start

If you receive a router that will not start, check that it’s fully charged. If it still will not power up, contact us with the order number and the IMEI number on the device.

If a router won't connect to the internet

If a user reports that their router powers up but will not connect to the internet, there are a few options to try before you report a fault. Ask the user to check if:

  • another device (such as a smartphone) has a connection to see if there are issues in the local area
  • the SIM card has been removed - if it has, ask them to put it back into the router and try to connect again
  • the laptop or tablet they’re using can connect to the internet another way, for example by using free wifi or tethering it to a mobile phone
  • they can clear the cache on the web browser they’re using, then try to connect again
Do not attempt to reset the router to try to resolve issues, this will cause both the router and the SIM to stop working.

Checking 4G wireless router status

Local authorities and trusts

Local authorities and trusts can use the Support Portal to check the status of each router, and raise a support request if needed. Login details were provided when you placed your order, but if you’re unable to access the Support Portal, contact us.

You can use the Support Portal to:

  • check if a router’s data cap has been reached (the data cannot be increased)
  • reactivate a SIM that’s been removed from the router
  • deactivate a SIM if the router is lost or stolen
  • request a replacement router
  • reconfigure a router
  • request connectivity support

Schools and colleges

You can check the status of each router in the Support Portal using the login details provided when you placed your order. If you need to raise an issue, you will need to ask your trust or local authority to do this on your behalf. Contact us if you’re unsure who to contact.