How to request 4G wireless routers

Who can get help

You can request 4G wireless routers for disadvantaged children:

  • in years 3 to 11 who do not have access to the internet and whose face-to-face education is disrupted. In this event, you will also have been invited to order laptops and tablets.
  • who are clinically extremely vulnerable and need to shield on current official advice (this could be from a doctor or hospital consultant)
  • who live in a household that’s been advised to shield because a family member is clinically extremely vulnerable
  • who cannot attend school – even though theirs is open – because restrictions prevent it

How to get help

Please send a request for 4G wireless routers to

If you’re a local authority or academy trust, you need to tell us:

  • your unique reference number – for a local authority, this will be your three-digit local authority number. For an academy trust, this will be your Companies House number
  • the name of the school you’re making a request for and the number of routers needed. If you’re requesting additional routers for more than one school, you’ll need to provide the number of children needing an internet connection for each school
  • how many of the routers you’re requesting are for years 10 and 11, as we’ll prioritise them if stocks get low

Local authorities and academy trusts that received 4G wireless routers from DfE in the summer are expected to reallocate unused routers to children in need before ordering new ones. Your key contact can log in to the support portal to check router use.

If you’re a school or college, you need to tell us:

  • your unique reference number (URN), this is normally 6 digits. If you’re a further education college, this will be your 8-digit UKPRN. If you don’t know your URN or UKPRN, you can find these on the Get Information about Schools site
  • the name of your school
  • the number of children needing a router

All organisations need to provide evidence of:

  • how you’ve identified disadvantage, such as the number of children in receipt of free school meals or pupil premium
  • your understanding of children, young people and families’ access to internet connectivity
  • disadvantaged pupils joining the school since the most recent Schools Census

Evidence can be surveys, calls home, awareness of families, demographic data, or questions asked to parents.

Please don’t send us any personal information, like names of children, or dates of birth.

Availability may change

We have a limited number of routers available and may not be able to give you the number you’ve requested.